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Come experience
Macabre Manor!

Open Weekends Through November 11th 2023
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Experience The Set

At The Set, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a unique and ever-changing experience to our patrons. Our revolving concept means that our cocktails, decor, and ambiance will transform seasonally. Come join us and experience The Set for yourself.

21+ only

Cocktail Final Touch
Tequila Sunrise

Upcoming Experiences

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Macabre Manor

Open Weekends through November 11th 2023
Click Here to Purchase Tickets

This speakeasy bar boasts an array of unique special effects, an interactive drink menu that would leave you in awe, photo opportunities that capture the essence of the supernatural, and much more!


The time has finally come for this speakeasy to rise from its grave and walk the earth once again, bringing an extraordinary and immersive Halloween-themed experience to the City of Montclair - "Macabre Manor"!

Picture yourself stepping foot into a haunting mansion where the decor seems like the eerie fusion of the Munsters and the Adams Family! This horror-themed concept promises an unforgettable 100-minute experience, brimming with captivating photo ops, interactive surprises, and a tantalizing drink menu that will leave your taste buds yearning for more!

Join us as we venture into the hauntingly delightful Macabre Manor and immerse ourselves in a world of spine-chilling thrills and ghoulish delights. Get ready to experience Halloween like never before!

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Winter 2024

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