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"The Set" stands as a distinctive and clandestine immersive speakeasy nested within "That 80’s Bar" in Montclair, California. Its thematic landscape undergoes seasonal transformations, transporting patrons to diverse settings such as a haunted mansion, a cruise ship, a submarine, a farmhouse backyard, a starship and more. Each theme promises an entirely novel encounter.

Announcements of these detailed seasonal experiences are made well in advance on our homepage. The journey unfolds as you step into "That 80’s Bar" and are guided to the concealed entrance of "The Set," immersing yourself in an unparalleled adventure. Interactive characters, captivating photo opportunities, and breathtaking visuals are just a glimpse of what awaits you at "The Set."

Complementing the ever-changing themes, our handcrafted cocktails evolve with each new season, featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Our dedicated and amiable staff tirelessly strive to ensure that each guest encounters an exclusive experience. The unpredictability of The Set's future concepts and themes makes regular webpage checks crucial, as reservations tend to fill up swiftly. We eagerly anticipate your visit and warmly welcome your feedback and suggestions for upcoming concepts and themes.

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